Taylor Swift Shocking Racist Photo

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Taylor Swift has finally taken her bigotry too far! Just look at this picture of her mockingly dressed up like an Asian woman.

As a Muslim I do not tolerate racism for I love all people… as long as they are Muslim… Sunni Muslim not a son of a motherless goat Shia Muslim. Yes Taylor Swift could learn a thing or 2 about tolerance from us Muslims. I can almost hear her racist mind in this photo saying “Me so horny. Me rikey rice and math.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Taylor Swift’s has shown her hateful nature, let us not forget her Nazi picture. However, her hatred of the Jews is entirely understandable, but hating on Asians crosses the line as they are small meek people without the backbone to stick up for themselves. They should be viewed with quite contempt not openly mocked as Taylor Swift has done in the photo above. Allahu Akbar!