Taylor Swift Parties With Nazis

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

Blond hair Aryan super race beauty Taylor Swift partied with a Nazi at Katy Perry’s birthday paint party this weekend. As you can see in the photo above the guy dancing with Taylor has a giant swastika painted on his shirt.

According to Swift, “There ain’t no party like a Nazi party, because a Nazi party don’t stop!” Taylor continued by saying, “Nazi parties always bring the heat, probably because they have such large furnaces.”

I for one say kudos to the guy in the swastika t-shirt. It is about time the swastika became an ironic hipster symbol. It says “Hey look at me I hate Jews and want to conquer the world by force. Isn’t that soooo 1940’s?!?”

I can see it now a whole army of people wearing swastikas and drinking their Chai lattes from Coffee Bean while twittering on their iPhones about global warming “@Todd – Did you know Jews admit twice the amount of CO2 of a normal person because of their enormous noses? The science is clear, wake up people!”