Taylor Swift Finally Shows Her Belly Button In New Bikini Pic

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

Taylor Swift finally shows her belly button on camera while laying out by a pool in a white bikini in the photo above.

Of course Taylor Swift famously almost never shows her belly button, as she usually wears those hideous high-waisted adult diaper type bikinis because she has become incontinent from getting her anus pounded by her girlfriend Karlie Kloss’ enormous black strap-on. However, Taylor must have made an exception in this photo since she appears to be wearing a bikini made entirely out of absorbent diaper material.

Unfortunately Taylor should have continued hiding her belly button as it is absolutely hideous, and probably stinks like old kitty litter and burnt hard boiled eggs. The gay Asian Joseph Gordon-Levitt photobombing Taylor in the pool certainly seems to agree with me.