Sophie Turner Pink Bikini Beach Pic

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18-year-old “Game Of Thrones” star Sophie Turner poses in a pink bikini while on the beach in the photo above.

It is unfortunate for Sophie Turner that winter still has not come because this bikini photo has revealed that she is not a desirable mate for us powerful Muslim men, as her boobs have already begun to sag and fall to the side. For Sophie this means that (like her character Sansa Stark on “Game Of Thrones”) her best years are well behind her and she will now have to settle for scrawny infidel men with nicknames like “Little Finger”.

However, this photo is not a complete travesty as Sophie Turner’s “Game Of Thrones” co-star Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark) steals the show by flaunting her pale pleasingly unfeminine nubile body in a modest bikini. For despite being quite aged herself at 17-years-old, Maisie has the both appearance and demeanor of a smooth young dancing boy, and could be trained to be quite skillful at handling a Muslim’s “sword”.