Selena Gomez Slips A Nipple At The Met Gala

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The Met Gala is an annual fundraising ball, and is considered one of the most exclusive and fashionable social events in the world. This year Selena Gomez ruined that reputation by showing up and slipping a nipple on the red carpet.

If the Met Gala still wanted to be perceived as a classy event then they should never have invited a trashy Mexican whore like Selena Gomez to attend, as it was inevitable that she would hoe it up by flashing her greasy pastie covered nipple the first chance she got.

The only way someone like Selena Gomez should be allowed in a high society social gathering is if she is their as a caterer to serve enchiladas, or as the entertainment to perform her famous donkey show. Once Selena is an actual guest at any event it immediately becomes incredibly tawdry and gauche.