Selena Gomez Caught Cheating On Bieber With Black Guy

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The inevitable has finally happened, Selena Gomez was caught cheating on her effeminate homosexual boyfriend Justin Bieber with a black guy.

As you can see in the photo above Selena Gomez is getting cozy with one Tyrone Jamal Johnson (who is known on the “streets” as “Lil Pookie”). Notice how Lil Pookie is suggestively sticking out his tongue. Unless this picture was taken with a watermelon then he and Selena are definitely hooking up.

Selena has obviously grown tired of fingering Justin Bieber’s stinky butthole, and is now looking for a large meat stick to fill her gaping baby box. Unfortunately for her king-sized Muslim cock is off limits thanks to her whorish ways, so like all infidel women she has settled for a black mamba. Enjoy the AIDS Selena.