Scarlett Johansson Spreads In See Thru Panties

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Scarlett Johnasson spreads her legs while wearing completely see through panties in the disturbing photo above.

No doubt these panties were originally made out of thick wool, but the corrosive ooze coming out of Scarlett’s lady bits ate away at the fabric until they became sheer. With such caustic pussy juice one shudders to think what sort of damage Scarlett’s acidic baby cave would inflict on a man’s meat scud if he were foolish enough to thrust it inside of her.

Luckily for us pious Muslims we do not have to worry about this as we do not find Scarlett Johansson the least bit attractive, for not only does she have sickeningly immodest feminine curves but she comes from Jewish ancestry. Thus the only thing we’d want to stick inside Scarlett is an IED.