Scarlett Johansson Posing Nude By A Window

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Scarlett Johansson poses nude by a large window in Missouri in the scandalous photo above.

Clearly Scarlett Johansson is purposefully prostituting her big naked white ass against this window in the hopes that it will extract a large gang of rampaging Sub-Saharans who are looking to take out their frustrations about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson by ravaging a slutty white woman’s stink holes.

Chunky bleached blonde white girls with low standards and even lower morals are irresistible to your average abid, so no doubt Scarlett soon had them swarming all over her like flies on shit. Let us hope that they treated Scarlett’s lady parts the same way they treated stores in Ferguson, and after they got what they wanted and hollowed it out they burned that bitch down.