Sex and The City 2 Epitomizes Why Feminism Must Be Stopped

sarah-jessica-parker, celeb-jihad

The new movie Sex and The City 2 exemplifies the dangers of feminist thinking and the woman’s rights movement in general.

To understand how we got to the point were we have movies about menopausal tramps in stupid looking shoes running around the desert looking for penis, you must first learn about the history of feminism.

Feminism was started by homely looking women with the noble intention of getting better looking women to stop shaving their legs, so that they would be less promiscuous. However, gradually the feminist movement was taken over by sluts who wanted to make it socially acceptable for women to do all sorts of ludicrous and down right dangerous things like going out in public without a male chaperon, and wearing dresses cut above the ankle.

Because women in the western world, being the simple minded creatures that they are, have followed this whore mentality we are now exposed to movies like “Sex and the City 2”. A story of 4 women who spend their limited mental capacities thinking exclusively about consumer products and man meat. They then go to Abu Dhabi in search of both. Obviously the movie was not shot in the real Abu Dhabi, but rather a Jew run studio lot, because any self respecting Arab country would behead these gutter skanks as soon as they set foot on holy Muslim land.

Feminism in the west has succeeded in freeing women from the confines of a male dominated society. Unfortunately women, as epitomized by the floozies in Sex and The City, with their underdeveloped brains and lack of self-control can not handle such freedom, and have digressed into a base creature entirely consumed with shopping and f*cking.