Take The Queen Latifah Topless Challenge

Infidels, step right up to take the Queen Latifah topless challenge… if you are man enough!

Here is how the challenge works. The video above features 5 solid minutes of Queen Latifah completely topless and staring at herself in the mirror. In the Zionist controlled Western liberal media Queen Latifah is universally praised for her beauty, with her appearances at events often accompanied by the adjectives “gorgeous”, “beautiful”, and even “sexy”. Now us Muslims (that you kuffars so revile and consider “brainwashed”) think Queen Latifah is a hideous creature that looks like a water buffalo after it has been rolling around in its own shit all day.

With that mind here is the challenge. If Western culture is virtuous and true then infidel males should have no problem becoming extremely aroused after watching this video of 5 good minutes of Queen Latifah showing off her bare sagging teats. However, if this topless Queen Latifah video fails to arouse then one must admit that Islam is the one true path, and that in the West the liberal media has been brainwashing the public with the Satanic lies of the depraved Jewish liberals.