Olivia Wilde in Italian GQ Magazine

olivia-wilde, celeb-jihad

The enchantress she-devil known as Olivia Wilde was at it again trying to steal the souls of men with her hypnotic blue eyes and relentless sex appeal. This time Olivia took to the pages of the Italian version of GQ magazine.

This latest move by the demon child is a curious one. You would think Olivia Wilde, being an expert of the black arts, would have known that Italians do not have souls. As hairy, greasy, fist pumping subhumans, Allah in his infinite wisdom decided not to waste good souls on them. He instead filled them with a never ending lust for house music and tanning spray to occupy their mortal lives.

Olivia Wilde may be a crafty she-beast from the underworld hell bent on world domination through sexiness, but that does not mean she is infallible. Here are the pics of her futile attempt at capturing the souls of the Italians.


olivia-wilde, celeb-jihad olivia-wilde, celeb-jihad olivia-wilde, celeb-jihad