Hayden Panettiere Poses Naked On A Pool Table

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Hayden Panettiere poses completely naked on a pool table in the photo above from the new issue of “Billiards & Bitches Quarterly”.

Of course it is not surprising to see that a whore like Hayden Panettiere has taken to the game of pool, as it incorporates all of her favorite things with long phallic sticks, balls, holes, and bending over. Unfortunately for the owner of this pool table Hayden’s excitement for the game caused her to strip off her clothes and jump on top of the playing surface, no doubt completely ruining the felt with the acidic juices oozing from her well used cock box.

Yes pool is a hopelessly depraved game which entices wanton Jezebels like Hayden into sinful displays of nudity like the one in the photo above. When Islam finally finishes conquering the West rest assured that the only balls being unloaded into gaping holes will be when girls like Hayden are brutally sodomized in the harems of us powerful Muslim men.