Chloe Grace Moretz Poses For Bottomless Nude Pic

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Chloe Grace Moretz squats down and spreads her legs open while posing bottomless in the nude photo above.

Clearly this Chloe Grace Moretz pussy pic is the West’s response to the brave mujahedin in Brussels who carried out a righteous bombing against the infidels earlier today. Of course this heinous barbaric act is a disproportionate retaliation, for seeing Chloe’s stinking cock box is a million times worse then a couple of little explosions going off in a major European city.

Liberals like Chloe want people to believe that Islam is not at war with the West, and that acts of terrorism like the one in Belgium today are just isolated incidences that will some day cease to happen when us Muslims are assimilated into Western societies. Of course us true Muslims know that Islam is and will always be completely incompatible with degenerate heathen culture, and this fact is made strikingly clear after seeing Chloe’s mangled penis pocket in this photo. For how could we ever peacefully coexist with societies that not only allow but promote such atrocities as Chloe Grace Moretz’s sloppy nude snatch?