Natalie Portman Nude Behind-The-Scenes Video

The video above appears to feature actress Natalie Portman behind-the-scenes of her upcoming first ever nude photo shoot.

Natalie is certainly a natural when it comes to prostituting her naked body in front of the camera, for she has been teasingly almost doing so for all of her adult life (and most of her childhood). Of course as a greedy Jewess Natalie does nothing without being generously compensated, so whoever commissioned these photos must have spent a fortune…

This leads me to believe that it was a powerful Muslim man who was the financier of this nude photo shoot, for only us fabulously wealthy Muslims could afford the diamonds, bagels, and loxs necessary to finally get this stuck-up Shebrew slut naked. No doubt this is part of some sort of psy-op to dishearten the Zionists by showing that we can control one of the few Jewish women who isn’t a repulsive hooked nose hag.