Miley Cyrus Ashley Greene Caught In Dog Fighting Ring

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Well this is just sickening. A photographer risked life and limb to penetrate the secret and extremely dangerous world of underground dog fighting. I don’t think any of our readers are surprised that he found and photographed Miley Cyrus and Twilight’s Ashley Greene getting their sick kicks from pitting helpless animals in brutal combat.

As this picture clearly shows Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene are forcing their dogs to do battle for their own twisted enjoyment. Look at the maniacal look on Ashley Greene’s face as Miley’s dog prepares to rip the little dogs throat out.

Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene are sick twisted individuals, who love violence and have no respect for animal life. If only the incompetent authorities in LA would do something about the massive celebrity dog fighting ring innocent dog’s lives may be saved. However, I have a feeling that Miley Cyrus has the LAPD and district attorney in her pocket, so she can continue to run these underground dog fights without fear of retribution.