Megan Fox Talks About Angelina Again

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Megan Fox has been drawing comparisons to Angelina Jolie ever since she covered her body in poorly thought out tattoos. Now, in yet another attempt to stop the media from commenting on the resemblance, she’s talking about it again.

“It’s a lack of creativity on the media’s part,” she said. “I am a brunette with tattoos, I curse, and I have made mention of sex before. I joked about it, which people find outrageous so they want to constantly compare that to her. You know, Shia is the new Tom Hanks, Rihanna is the new Beyonce. Everybody is the new somebody, although none of us are any of those people so you just walk around with it, you live with it.”

Let’s be honest here: Nobody cares anymore. The only person that still compares Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie is Megan Fox. Just close your mouth and show some cleavage to distract us from your hideous toe thumb, Megan.