Marisa Miller Shows Her Perfect Wet Boobies

marisa-miller, celeb-jihad

Marisa Miller is incredible. If she had been born a Muslim and had some more facial hair she would be perfection.

Unfortunately Marisa Miller is a kuffar, and so she shows her flawless breasts for money in pictures like the ones below. However, I just can not help but fantasize about what Marisa would look like in a tight burka out in the barn milking my goats. The thought definitely stokes a fire in my loins. If Marisa Miller would repent for her sinful kuffar ways and convert to Islam I am sure Allah would forgive her.

Martyrs receive 72 virgins who look just like Marisa Miller when they reach paradise. Just something for you guys still on the fence out there to think about. Look at these pictures of Marisa Miller’s perfect wet boobies and contemplate some targets. Allahu Akbar!


marisa-miller, celeb-jihad marisa-miller, celeb-jihad marisa-miller, celeb-jihad