Lindsay Lohan Ass In Thong Gif

lindsay-lohan, celeb-jihad

Lindsay Lohan is a stereotypical Christian. Is she a bisexual, drug addict, criminal, and stripper. Just the sort that is attracted to the teachings of the Jew God Christ.

Muslims who find themselves questioning Islam should take heed of the gif of Lindsay Lohan working as a stripper below. Sure Lindsay Lohan may only be “acting” as a stripper in a snuff film or wherever this is from, but it is still immoral and it is what happens when you turn away from Islam.

Of course Christians probably think it is great because they accept all people (*gag). I bet Jesus would get a hard-on for Lindsay Lohan after watching this gif and try to date her. We know he had a thing for whores (ahm Mary). Muhammad on the other hand was a pillar of virtue, and would have banged Lindsay but then never spoken to her again like a proper man should.

Anyway enjoy this gif of Lindsay Lohan’s ass in a thong for it illustrates the indecency of the Christian faith. Allahu Akbar!

lindsay-lohan, celeb-jihad