Lena Headey Nude Scenes Compilation Video

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It recently came to our attention that “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey has used CGI and a body double for all of her nude scenes on the show. Naturally this fact sent us into a righteous rage, for if there is one thing us Muslims hate more than the sight of a woman’s blasphemous nude body it is a whore’s false modesty!

That is why we painstakingly tracked down EVERY single legitimate Lena Headey nude scene, and compiled them all into the video above.

Yes thanks to the tireless efforts of the Celeb Jihad research team in Riyadh (who spent countless hours scouring the Web for the obscure British films that Lena Headey so brazenly prostituted her naked flesh in as a youth) we now have all the evidence we need for a quick conviction at her inevitable trial in Sharia court… Unfortunately for Lena we will then slowly savor her lapidation.