Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Video

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We here at Celeb Jihad would just like to take a moment and remind the world that Kim Kardashian is a whore with this video clip from the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

How quickly the origins of Kim Kardashian’s fame have gotten distorted. Kim’s PR team have worked tirelessly to cover up Kim’s porn star past, and portray her as a classy fashionista who became famous because of her looks and sense of style.

Allah willing, may the world watch the video below from Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and be reminded that the only reason anyone knows her name is because she filmed her fat ass getting railed, and the tape leaked.

Kim Kardasian’s sex tape is aptly titled “Kim Kardashian Superstar”. This video certainly does show that Kim is a superstar… a superstar at getting taken to pound town by moderately famous black guys that is.

So let us never forget that Kim Kardashian is a porn star whore who deserves nothing but our scorn and ridicule.

See the Full Tape Here