Keira Knightley Finally Poses Completely Nude

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After years of almost going all the way, English actress Keira Knightley finally poses completely nude in the photo above.

While searching the Web for “Auschwitz porn” I stumbled upon this Keira Knightley nude photo, and I must admit it is quite a pleasing sight. For Keira Knightley’s taut drawn naked body is appealingly unfeminine, as her sinful female sex organs appear almost nonexistent.

Yes this Keira Knightley nude is certainly halal, as it lacks even the faintest hint of shameful feminine sexuality. In fact if Keira is as much of a “tight-ass” as her British compatriots are said to be, then in a pinch she could easily fill in for a Muslim dancing boy, thus making her extremely highly valued for a woman.