Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, And Katy Perry Sex Music Video

Besties Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, and Katy Perry team up to make a sex filled music video to Katy’s hit song “California Gurls” in the video above.

Clearly this sex video was commissioned by the California Office of Tourism, and Taylor, Emma, and Katy were more than happy to lend their support by getting their sin holes pounded on camera like this. No doubt this California sex video will be quite effective at attracting tourists to the “Golden State” who are looking to spend their vacations banging dirty whores.

Of course despite what this video portrays everyone visiting California won’t be able to plow an A-list celebrity slut like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, or Katy Perry, but tourism director Mitch Cumstain estimates that at the height of the season 50% of travelers will be able to “at least get their dicks wet in some top shelf celebrity poon” while only %5 of unfortunate visitors will have to make due with D-list reality TV stars.