Katy Perry Jiggles Her Boobs On Video

Pop star Katy Perry bounces and jiggles her sinful boobs in the disturbing video above.

Katy’s mammaries are certainly immodestly bulbous and offensively feminine. The fact that Katy brazenly bounces them around for all to see like this, just goes to show that she has no regard for us Muslim people and our pious aesthetic.

With such disrespect being shown by both Katy and her tits is it any wonder that clerics from Tikrit to Tehran spend countless hours Googling photos of them, so that they are well versed when they denounce Katy’s baby feeders in their impassioned sermons? In fact, my own mentor the great Imam Haid D’Salaami use to lecture daily on the immoral nature of Katy’s bosom, and he use to go into great detail on how he wished he could teach her a lesson by nuzzling his face between her milk mounds before vigorously tongue lashing her nipples into submission.