Katy Perry Flaunting Her Ass In A Thong Video

Katy Perry unveils her new look as she flaunts her ass in a pink thong and then a black thong while performing in concert in the video above.

It is clear from this video that in a misguided effort to appeal to the degenerate tastes of the pathetically effeminate and flamingly homoqueer infidel males Katy Perry has given herself a buzz cut, and is now parading her booty around in patent leather assless chaps.

Unfortunately for Katy dressing up like your average heathen man out on the town on a Friday night is not going to win her any new fans, for the West has a surplus of foppish power bottoms. If Katy wants to pique the interest of the kuffar twinks then she should be projecting a more masculine butch demeanor instead of pretending to be one of them… Or she could simply try showcasing her extensive collection of oversized butt plugs and strap-on dildos.