Katy Perry Bends Over And Sticks Her Ass Up In The Air

Katy Perry bends over in a skirt and sticks her ass up in the air while performing in concert in the video above.

Thank Allah that Katy Perry’s “Prismatic World Tour” is finally coming to an end next week, for if it were to carry on for another month or two Katy would probably resort to spreading her butt cheeks and gaping her asshole onstage to satiate the depraved appetite of her degenerate fan base.

As you can hear from the background noise being sold as “music” in this video, no sane person would subject their eardrums to such abuse without some sick sexual perversion driving them to be there. In Katy Perry’s fans case it is obvious that they are all there just to watch Katy parade around the stage flaunting her thick round ass in various LED slut costumes. Then after the show is over, Katy’s Japanese fans no doubt bribe the security guards and roadies to get back stage and sniff her sweat stained metallic panties.