Jennifer Lawrence In A Bikini Atop A Lesbo Pyramid

jennifer-lawrence, celeb-jihad

Jennifer Lawrence poses in a bikini with her arms and legs spread (naturally) while standing atop a lesbo pyramid in the offensive photo above.

As you can see, the rougher looking bull dykes make up the base of this pyramid while the more dainty “pillow princesses” like Jennifer Lawrence are on top. Of course this photo is doubly upsetting to us pious Muslims for it not only promotes blasphemous lesbodyking, but it also disparages our beloved pyramids.

For despite the Jew lies in the history books of the West, the truth is us powerful Muslims built the great pyramids of Egypt, and we did so for the glory of Allah and to remind the people of the social order of the world. And that order of course starts with us Arab Muslims at the very top and progresses downwards to Persian Muslims to Asian Muslims to goats to camels to white people to sheep to dogs to Hispanics ect. At the very bottom of the pyramid you have your rats, Jews, shrews and other rodents, blacks, and homo and lesboqueers. So for Jennifer to create a pyramid made up exclusively of nasty rug munchers is a terrible slight against Islam, and it will not go unanswered.