Jennette McCurdy Wants You To Masturbate To This Pic

jennette-mccurdy, celeb-jihad

Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy posted the photo above to her Instagram with the hashtags “#datass, #fapfapfap”.

“Fap” is of course Internet slang for the sound of masturbating, so clearly what Jennette McCurdy is so elegantly trying to convey is that she wants people to masturbate while looking at her ass.

Unfortunately for Jennette McCurdy her ass is completely unremarkable. In fact the only thing about her that is slightly masturbation worthy are her tits, and they are hidden away behind a baggy shirt in this picture.

I can guarantee that no seed will be spilled by us Muslim men over this Jennette McCurdy photo. Unless of course out of frame there is a righteous Muslim with an AK-47, and he is the reason Jennette’s hands are against the wall. My ball sack would certainly empty at such an erotic scene.