Gwendoline Taylor Nude – Spartacus (20 Pics + Hot Scene Compilation)

The Fappening Blog video and screenshots below present the complete compilation of Gwendoline Taylor’s nude scenes from the Season 3 of the Starz’s TV series “Spartacus” (2013) color-corrected and enhanced in HD.

Gwendoline Taylor (born November 7, 1987) is an actress and dancer from New Zealand. She is also known for her roles in “Show of Hands”, “Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business” and “Someone to Carry Me”.



Gwendoline is standing in a see-through wrap as Ellen Hollman approaches her, pulling the wrap off and letting it drop to the floor so that Gwendoline stands naked. A guy then comes, and Ellen runs her hands over Gwendoline’s arms as the man looks her in the eyes before sending her away.


Gwendoline is naked in a sex scene with a guy in which we first see her kneeling in front of him with the man behind her. Then riding him, and finally on her back with both tits in view.


Gwendoline is lying on her back in falling snow as a guy pulls her clothes down to expose her tits before leaning over to kiss her chest.




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