Gal Gadot Panties Past Uncovered

gal-gadot, celeb-jihad

It is no secret that actress and Jewess Gal Gadot is one of the most brazen harlots in all of heathen Hollywood. But as you can see from the recently uncovered bra and panties scene below, she was also a hopeless hussy during her younger years when she appeared on Israeli television shows.

Of course Israeli TV is controlled by the Mossad, and is used to torture the poor occupied Palestinian populace by having gangling Zionist sluts like Gal flaunt blasphemous bare female flesh before their pious Muslim eyes.

Thankfully the production values are chintzy and the story-lines are trite (as they usually revolve around the collecting of gold or clipping of coupons), so it is easy enough to change the channel.

gal-gadot, celeb-jihad

However, the fact that Gal would dare to spend her formative years ocularly accosting Muslims with her sickening Shebrew body certainly warrants swift and severe retribution under holy Sharia law.