Emma Stone Offensive Bikini Pics

emma-stone, celeb-jihad

Actress and soulless ginger, Emma Stone offends Islam in the bikini pictures below.

As all Muslims know, Allah creates gingers like Emma Stone as a form of punishment for sins in a previous life (like being a Jew or lecherous woman). To pay for these past transgressions, gingers go through life being ridiculed and never feeling the sun on their sinful pasty skin.

However, due to the Jew science of sunblock, gingers like Emma Stone now have the capability to defy Allah’s will and expose their disgusting bodies to the light of day, and that is just what Emma Stone is doing in the bikini pictures below.

What an offense to Islam! If Emma Stone does not want to add a “d” to the end of her last name then she must repent immediately and never wear a bikini again.