Emily Ratajkowski Trying Out Swimsuits

Model Emily Ratajkowski tries out 3 different swimsuits in the photos below. We have ranked them in order of hotness, though one swimsuit clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest.


emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad

Emily looks terrible in this swimsuit. Her shameful breasts are hardly covered, and her disgusting slender feminine torso is fully exposed.


emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad

Hideous! Even more of Emily’s busty bosom hangs out of this one. The only reason this swimsuit ranks higher then the last is that at least she desecrates the American flag with her nipples in it.


emily-ratajkowski, celeb-jihad

Wow what beauty! Talk about curves in all the right places (i.e. none). Now this one makes Emily Ratajkowski look extremely hot. In fact after seeing her in this swimsuit I’d be willing to part with some fine goats and a parcel of land on the border with Pakistan for the pleasure of making her my 7th wife.