Ellen Page Sex Tape Proves That She Is Lying About Being Gay

Ellen Page grabbed headlines all over the world last year when she publicly announced that she was a gay. After her “coming out” Ellen received glowing accolades from the Zionist controlled liberal establishment over her “bravery” in revealing that she is a blasphemous sexual degenerate lesboqueer.

Not only was Ellen Page showered with praise, but she also received a much needed boost to her floundering acting career, as heathen Hollywood jumped at the chance to further their agenda of turning the West into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah were everyone is a multiracial pansexual atheist by promoting Ellen as a role model and casting her in more roles.

Unfortunately for the purveyors of this Satanic liberal scheme the leaked sex tape video above proves that Ellen Page is lying about being a gay. No doubt Ellen concocted this lesbian story because she knows that the Western world has become so immoral that only sexual deviants are lauded as heroes and can get ahead.