Snooki Is Pregnant, Fulfills Muslim Prophecy

snooki, celeb-jihad

It has been confirmed that the creature known as “Snooki” is with child. This news was well received throughout the Muslim world as many believe Snooki’s future child to be the one foretold of in a holy Muslim text who will bring about the end of Zionist Western civilization.

According to the holy Islamic text know as the “Dar Al Haarababa”, “Ye a hideous pig slut will emerge in the West who will lust greatly after sodomite Romans. The spawn from her womb will bring forth such depravity that the infidels will fall to dust in its presence.”

Clearly the “hideous pig slut” mentioned in this most respected of Muslim documents sounds like Snooki. One can not help but give in to the hope that her child is in fact the one the prophecy spoke of, and that soon the West will lay in ruins. Allahu Akbar!