Scientists Discover Way To Cure Bieber Fever

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The outbreak which started in North America quickly spread to the rest of the world. Millions were infected, families were torn apart, and the world as we knew it was gone forever. These are the devastating effects of “Bieber Fever”.

Bieber Fever began to claim victims over 2 years ago. What first started as a local infection mainly in the backwoods of Canada quickly spread down through the United States and then the rest of the world. Bieber Fever mainly affects young girls ages 2-16. The symptoms include uncontrollable screaming, severe mental retardation, and anal leakage.

Since the discovery of the 5’0 112lbs goofy haired virus, scientists have worked tirelessly to try to eradicate it, but all attempts have failed… until now. Scientists at Skynet have developed a cyborg assassin which they will send back in time to 1993. This terminator is programmed to kill Mrs. Bieber, and may be humanities last hope.

May Allah bless and be with you terminator on your righteous mission to save the world from Justin Bieber and the cursed “Bieber Fever”.