Kate Groombridge Nude Scene From “Virgin Territory”

The video above features Kate Groombridge’s nude scenes from the film “Virgin Territory”.

Of course the only reason I am posting this video is because I am looking for those interested in joining my class action lawsuit against the producers of this film. As there is no denying that this movie is a clear case of fraudulent false advertising, for if you believe for a second that anything about Kate Groombridge is “virgin territory” I have some beachfront property in Mosul that I can sell you.

Yes I haven’t been this grossly misled by the title of a film since I was suckered into seeing “Brokeback Mountain” (which I assumed was the story of a woman trying to pull a plow up the side of a hill). I ended up settling my lawsuit with the producers of that film for a signed photo of Heath Ledger and a lock of Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair.