Kate French Nude Scene From “Fired Up!”

Kate French shows off her titties in the nude scene above from the movie “Fired Up!”.

Unfortunately “Fired Up!” does not appear to be about a firing squad, or even dousing whores with gasoline and lighting them on fire. Instead this film is some sort of far-fetched science fiction movie about a camp with a ratio of 4 straight guys for every 300 girls. Assuming an equal number of guys to girls at this camp, that would mean that the males are 98.7% gay. Which is of course ridiculous when all the latest studies coming out of Celeb Jihad Labs in Tehran show that at least 99.5% of infidel men are flaming homofags.

Of course with sloppy slutty milk sacks like Kate French’s floppy around in nude scenes like this one that number is sure to rise. For as soon as Kate pulls off her bra you can see by the look on her male co-star’s face that he began lusting for a man’s hairy anus hole.