Erica Durance Nude Scene From “House of the Dead”

The video above features “Smallville” and “Saving Hope” star Erica Durance’s nude scene from the film “House of the Dead”.

This Erica Durance nude scene is quite anticlimactic, and not just because Erica has small saggy wonky boobs, but rather because in a film titled “House of the Dead” we don’t get to see Erica get killed… Even though it looked like she was a goner for sure in the part of the video where she is treading water and releasing tons of noxious gas bubbles from her banged out lady holes.

Certainly we can all agree that it would be far more erotic to watch Erica Durance drown (or better yet get her head chopped off) than it is to see her flaunting her deflated naked tit sacks and pancake ass. Thankfully in the Muslim directed sequel, when Erica goes into the lake she will have cinder blocks tied around her ankles.