David Beckham Shows Off His Junk


Soccer star and homosexual icon David Beckham took off his shorts during a soccer match yesterday, possibly in an effort to attract a male lover.

Soccer or football as it is known throughout infidel Europe is the world’s most homosexual “sport”. It involves a bunch of scantily clad men running around like fairies playing grab ass while kicking a ball. It is the perfect sport for the corrupt Western infidels who could never handle real manly pursuits like camel racing, praying, and stoning adulterous women.

It comes as no surprise that soccer’s biggest star for years has been the lispy homoqueer David Beckham. He has been the envy of all the other soccer homoqueers while he pranced around the field with his blond frosted tipped hair flowing in the wind.

However, recently David Beckham’s star power has diminished greatly as soccer fans have begone lusting after a greased up Portuguese man named Ronaldo. Perhaps David Beckham taking off his shorts and showing his junk in this photo is his last desperate attempt to win back the attention of soccer fans.