Casey Anthony Flees The Country, Hiding In Iran

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Casey Anthony is now far away from Orlando, and in fact the whole oppressive backwards country that is the United States of America.

Following her release from jail, Casey Anthony requested and was granted political asylum from the Iranian government. She then went to Orlando Executive Airport and boarded a private jet headed for Tehran.

Iranians, like most progressive Muslims, consider Casey Anthony a hero for standing up for her Allah given right to abort her bastard child. Unlike closed-minded Westerners, Muslims recognize the fact that bastard children do not have souls because they are born in sin, and that killing them is not only not a crime but really the only sensible thing to do.

No doubt Casey Anthony will be quite happy living in Tehran were the people will welcome her with open arms. Already rumors are circulating that she has been accepted into the harem of one Habib Jabib, the elder of his clan and a very well respected and distinguished warlord. Things are definitely looking up Casey Anthony!