Bonnie Wright Sexy (23 Photos)

Here are more sexy photos of Bonnie Wright from Instagram (2015-2018). Bonnie Francesca Wright is a 27-year-old English model, director, actress, known worldwide for her role of Ginny Weasley in the films about Harry Potter.

In her spare time, Bonnie likes to dance, draw, travel and play musical instruments such. She enjoys football, swimming, tennis, horse riding, surfing, athletics, as well as skating and cycling.

Since 2015 she has been intensively engaged in yoga, meditation, and astrology. Bonnie follows a vegetarian diet. She’s a feminist. She is involved in charity.

After “Harry Potter” one of the most notable projects was “The Philosophers” in 2013, where Bonnie played Georgina. Other roles of the actress were exclusively in low-budget movies that are hard to find: “The Sea” (2013, Rose), “Before I Sleep” (2013, Phoebe), etc. In 2015, Bonnie officially announced that she was completing her acting career to focus on directing.

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