Bella Thorne Finally Covers Up And Has Never Looked Better

celeb-jihad, bella-thorne

It is just one week until Bella Thorne’s 18th birthday and as you can see in the recent turtleneck photos below from her Snapchat, Bella has finally learned to cover her shameful tight teen body.

It is certainly unfortunate that Bella waited this long to learn some modesty, for she has never looked better than she does in these pics, but at practically 18-years of age she is an old shrew by Muslim standards.

Of course all hope is not lost for Bella, for if she were to take this new found humility to the next level and completely hide her shameful feminine frame (with its bulbous perky breasts, tiny little waist, and tight round ass) from view in a shapeless burka, a generous Muslim may allow her to become taint licker in his harem.


celeb-jihad, bella-thorne celeb-jihad, bella-thorne celeb-jihad, bella-thorne

Certainly being a taint concubine in sexual servitude to a Muslim man is the highest honor Bella Thorne can hope to achieve now that she has reached middle age. Although Bella should be aware that if she is granted such a privilege she can never go back to dressing like a brazen harlot (as in the Snapchat photos below from earlier in the week of her in a little black dress with f*ck me boots and a leopard sports bra) without receiving a well-deserved flogging with stiff Nile reeds.


celeb-jihad, bella-thorne celeb-jihad, bella-thorne celeb-jihad, bella-thorne