Ariel Winter In A Bikini After Breast Reduction Surgery

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In the photos below, 17-year-old “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter shows off her new teen titties in a bikini after having undergone a breast reduction surgery.

In the new issue of Glamour magazine Ariel Winter talks about how she recently got her boobs reduced from an F cup to a boring old D cup because of back pain. While normally us Muslims would commend a woman for shrinking her shameful sex organs, Ariel’s enormous mammaries are different as they were clearly a gift from Allah so that she may serve as a nurse maid to a litter future Jihadist babies.

Yes by chopping down her boobies Ariel Winter has defied the will of Allah, and earned herself the wrath of us pious Muslims. Rest assured that when Islam conquers the West we will finish the job for Ariel and completely cut off her bulbous chesticles with our scimitars and turn them into a nice camel saddle. That way Ariel won’t have to worry about her precious back pain while bent over out in the fields harvesting poppies all day.


celeb-jihad, ariel-winter celeb-jihad, ariel-winter celeb-jihad, ariel-winter